Congratulations to students who qualified for the POSN 1st camp, academic year 2019.


Science department, Uttaradit school congratulates to students who qualified for the Promotion of Academic Olympiad and Development of Science Education (POSN) 1st camp, academic year 2019 according to the announcement of Naresuan University.



  1. Mr. Siraphop Pho-ngam
  2. Mr. Punnawit Kwankeaw
  3. Mr. Chayanan Chamnanya



  1. Miss Sirapat Butmak
  2. Miss Nicha Boonsaeng



  1. Mr. Pitawat Tubweaw
  2. Mr. Bowarnthat Kerdsong
  3. Mr. Chayanan Chamnanya



  1. Mr. Panichapon Wongpruan

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